Super Mario Eclipse




An eclipse in the mushroom kingdom


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Super Mario Eclipse is a free fangame based on the classic Nintendo series. In this game, an eclipse has cast a shadow over the Mushroom Kingdom and bits of stars that grant special powers have started to appear all over the world.

The game introduces a type of gameplay that has never before been seen in the Mario universe, such as puzzles related to light sources where you have to combine different colored lamps.

The best feature of Super Mario Eclipse is the possibility of getting all kinds of costumes that give Mario special powers. The costumes range from the classic fire flowers to elements from other games like the frog or Yoshi.

Super Mario Eclipse might seem like just another freeware game that happens to use the graphics from the 8 and 16 bit Mario games, but it offers enough new features to give you a taste of something new in the universe of this well-known Nintendo plumber.
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